Postgraduate Symposium 2023

The ALCS Postgraduate Colloquium took place on June 15t 2023, with interdisciplinary talks that took attendees “Beyond Dutch” by exploring instances and impacts of multilingualism in the Neerlandophone world. Students and researchers at varied stages in their careers met around a round table in London’s Institute of Languages, Cultures, and Societies to discuss topics in music, literature, history, translation, and media, with examples spanning several centuries of cultural production. Each talk was followed by lively discussion from the group, with many links drawn between each of the talks throughout the day. The Keynote was delivered by Dr. Arnoud Arps to an enraptured audience, entitled “The past is not a fleeting moment: Border crossing memories of the Dutch East Indies in Dutch and Indonesian popular culture”. Finally, our spirited conversations continued well into the evening at a merry colloquium supper to mark the occasion with new friends and colleagues.