2017: Telling stories

The Second ALCS Postgraduate Colloquium

London, 6-7 July 2017

Postgraduate students of Dutch and Flemish history, literature, translation studies and sociology came together for the second edition of the ALCS Postgraduate Colloquium.

This international meeting is designed to foster links between British and Irish Low Countries Studies and scholars from other countries, and to support the next generation of researchers in our field.

The conference took place in the medium of English and we welcomed anyone with a curiosity about the Netherlands and Flanders, or any of the topics up for discussion. 

Senate House

This year’s papers were particularly exciting, with strong themes of identity, ideology and transnationality emerging. The keynote was given by our chair, Henriette Louwerse (University of Sheffield).

The conference fee of £15 was payable by those receiving research funding or in full-time work. We welcomed all students and unwaged researchers to join free of charge.

Full call for papers (news post)

Senate House, London

Thursday 6 July

9.30-10am: Arrival and registration


Keynote, Henriette Louwerse (University of Sheffield): Multicultural present and colonial past: The case of the Netherlands

11am-11.30am: Coffee


Panel 1 Chair: Nick Piercey (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Rianti D Manullang (University of Leiden): The stories of indigenous bataks in sumatra through the ‘Imperial Eyes’ of the colonial travelers

Paola Gentile (KU Leuven): The image of the Netherlands in Italian literary translation - A socio-imagological approach

1pm-2pm: Lunch


Panel 2 Chair: Marja Kingma (British Library)

Zsuzsa Toth (University of Debrecen): The reception of Jo van Ammers-Küller by the Hungarian press in the first half of the 20th century

Cristina Peligra (Newcastle University): Re-presenting identity and colonial legacy. Comparing English and Italian translations of Hella Haasse’s “Indische Romans”


Research training and Q&A introduction to the British Library Dutch Collections by Marja Kingma

3.30-3.45pm: Coffee


Panel 3 Chair: Henriette Louwerse

Cyd Sturgess (University of Sheffield): Fashioning queer femininities in Josine Reulin’s Terug naar het eiland (1937)

Joske van de Vis (University of Leiden): The Bakhtian analysis of Tonnus Oosterhoff’s digital poems


Free excursion (details to follow)

7pm: Dinner (optional, self-funded)

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Friday 7 July




Panel 4 Chair

Carmen Verhoeven (Utrecht University): Divided by Mars, united by Rhetorica: Concord and discord on the Mechelen rhetorician contest of 1620

Marion Prinse: Processes of radicalisation in pre-WWI Flemish nationalist literature






Panel 6 Chair: Cyd Sturgess (University of Sheffield)

Karen van Hove (KU Leuven): Pornography, yes or no? Literary and pornographic interactions

Jenny Watson (University of Sheffield): Father literature - A transnational trend, a trans-temporal phenomenon?


Workshop/postgrad training: Questioning the canon, building the discipline


Close and drinks (optional, self-funded)

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